What Women Are Saying About The TOM Box?

"Finally someone who
-Derwin L.
"I think its a great idea, everything u
need in 1 lil box"
-Krystle F.
"I would be stuck in heaven if I got
one of these:)))))))))"
-Shelby C.


You can buy everything inside the TOM Box in your local shopping mall. So why on earth would you want to
order a TOM Box?

The fact is, our TOM Box is not for every woman. If you don't mind wasting your time in an endless checkout line to buy that exact box of tampons month after month, this is not for you.


If you want to save 2.5 hours a month of driving, parking and waiting in line for your health and beauty products, you will love the TOM Box. If you never want to experience that 'cold-sweat' feeling of running out of tampons or deodorant again, you will love the TOM Box. If you want your favorite health and beauty brands delivered to your door on-time every month with chocolate and a free gift (without paying for shipping), you will love the TOM Box.

It`s Simple

The TOM Box is your monthly delivery of your favorite tampons, deodorant, chocolate and a free gift. All you have to do is select your favorite tampon and deodorant brands and tell us where to send your TOM Box.

Each month you will get your TOM Box delivered right to your door. You don't even pay for shipping. And if for any reason do not wish to receive your TOM Box any more, you can always cancel at anytime.

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